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Basics Of BlackJack

BlackJack is a common card game in casinos. In Sweden, it is sometimes called 21 and in recent years it has also started to appear in several other public places, where people are attracted for fun and games. BlackJack has grown to become one of the most popular games and is found in virtually all online casinos. Unlike many other online games, you can practice your skills in BlackJack and thus increase your chances of winning. So it pays to, through patience and a lot of playing, learn some form of BlackJackStrategy if you want to win a little extra.

To understand how BlackJack is played, it may be helpful to learn some BlackJack rules. The goal of the game is to get as close to the sum of 21 as possible, with the cards you have in your box. The numbered cards (2-10) have the same value as what is on the card, face-up cards (jack, queen, and king) have the value ten, and aces are either worth one or eleven. When playing BlackJack online, a computerized bank is used as a dealer of cards. All players are dealt two cards, face up. The deal is also dealt two cards, but only one of its cards has the front visible.

The player continues to take cards until he is satisfied and chooses to stay. The dealer then turns over his hidden card and then decides if he wants to stay or continue to take additional cards. The one who comes closest to 21 wins, but if someone gets over this amount, he loses. If the deal and the player get equal, no one wins; the player gets his bet back, but does not earn anything either.

Getting BlackJack

Getting a BlackJack means that the cards on the hand are worth exactly 21. If you were dealt a card worth ten (ten, jack, queen, king) and an ace, you have a “natural” 21, and this hand beats all others who get BlackJack, only after the third or fourth card. If you as a player win with a BlackJack on your hand, you get 1.5 times your bet, and the only possibility that you would not win with a BlackJack is if the deal would also get one, and it will be the same. If the deal’s visible card is an ace, players can choose to insure, which means that the bet is halved. If the dealer’s second card then turns out to be worth ten (BlackJack), the player wins twice his insurance bet.